Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

The best recurring affiliate programs not only have recurring income from monthly memberships, but also benefit from a number of other strategies. Recurring affiliate programs are the best because you can earn commissions on a monthly basis from a single sale.

It is far better to sell a product which has a recurring income than to only make a single commission on a ‘lone’ sale. To make even a basic living on the internet is far easier if you choose the products and services which offer recurring income.

best recurring affiliate programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

The best recurring affiliate programs also have other built in strategies which make them a winning business model for affiliates:

  • Membership commissions – As an affiliate many products only offer a single commission. After the initial sale the customer may continue to buy but the affiliate doesn’t benefit from the relationship they have created. Choosing an affiliate product with membership commissions means you will continue to benefit in the form of monthly commissions for as long as your referred customer keeps  their membership.
  • Up-Sales – Up selling is the process of selling higher value items to existing customers. Many affiliates make the mistake of continuing to recruit new customers and ignoring previous sales. However, the existing customer has already proved they are interested in your products. By having more products and services to offer them after the initial sale you will be increasing your sales without having to recruit new customers.

Recurring Affiliate Programs – Additional Considerations

As an affiliate you also benefit from other strategies which can gear your affiliate business for maximum success:

  • High Ticket Products – Selling small value items means you need to sell a lot of them in order to make a viable business. By selling higher priced items you can make larger commissions on each sale. You can either sell a $100 product 20 times, or sell a $2000 product once. If both give the same return in commissions it will be easier to target customers who would buy the large value product. (see why target market is important) Also it is easier to scale up the sales of higher ticket products.
  • Built in sales team – A built in sales team means an affiliate can benefit from up-sells which are closed by the team. This can be of huge benefit to your commissions, especially when used in conjunction with high ticket commissions and monthly memberships.
  • Community based program – A community based membership program is one of the best ways to keep offering value to its members and is much better for the longevity of a program.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Choose Wisely

best recurring affiliate programs

Before starting down the path of promoting affiliate products it is wise to consider all these options. Many affiliate programs only offer commissions on a single sale. After that, you have referred a customer to a company and they keep the customer – potentially for life. However, you have only made a single commission. Choose products which offer monthly membership commissions, not just a single commission. Work smart not just hard!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Digital Products

Some of the best recurring affiliate products are digital products. Digital products also offer some of the best commissions. This is because they have low overheads. Low overheads means owners of digital products can pay 50% + in commissions to its affiliates. Physical products typically have lower commissions. Digital products can also have membership platforms which physical products don’t.

Learn more about how to promote:

  • high ticket affiliate products which have
  • monthly commissions,
  • built in sales team,community and
  • up-selling products to the value of $20,000

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best recurring affiliate products

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