Autopilot Cash System

How do you build an autopilot cash system? ┬áSystems which deliver products automatically can be used to automate sales. Items are sold thorough the internet which can be downloaded from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. These are digital products: products which can be sold without having any need for postage, handling or storage. Digital products are just one aspect of an ‘autopilot cash system’. See more in this article on autopilot money system.

Autopilot Cash System – Digital Products

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The sale of digital products online has given birth to a new business model. The ability to deliver products through websites, without having to be physically present has allowed a very flexible and largely automatic model to prevail online. You don’t have to your own products either. Digital products can be promoted by anyone.

This is known as affiliate marketing. You don’t have to limit yourself to digital product either. As an affiliate you can literally sell anything online. Provided it has an affiliate program, you can earn commission based on your individual sales.

Autopilot Cash System – Global Reach


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The ability to sell digital products through a website and sell them globally, means you have a scalable business model which can run largely on autopilot. Having a global reach means an internet based business has a much larger audience than a small locally based business. Advertising platforms like Facebook and Adwords also mean that anyone can now target a very specific target audience.

Global advertising is no longer limited to large multinational companies with huge budgets. Anyone can test and measure a small advertising budget with a global reach.

Technology and Automated Systems

The technology available today means anyone can reach a global audience with online advertising. It also allows that advertising to be very targeted. Autoresponders, or email advertising systems, also allow the process of selling digital products to be automated. A single email sent out can reach millions of subscribers instantly.

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This process simply wasn’t possible only a few years ago before the internet, emails and autoresponders. It offers an incredibly cheap method of communication. Previously marketers would have to have posted out thousands of letter for the same effect.

Google And ‘Free’ Advertising Online

Although paid advertising offers a direct, fast and specific target audience. It costs money. On the other hand, so called ‘free’ advertising on Google or organic search takes time, arguably a more valuable asset than money – (depending how much you have!). To get free traffic to a website through Google take a look at this article on niche blogging for profit. If you have a limited budget blogging might be the answer for you.

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The Right Business Model


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Having the right business model is vital to create a profitable online business. Ideally your business model should have:

  • Monthly revenue – which comes from selling membership products
  • High ticket sales items
  • Built in sales team
  • Up-sell products which you benefit from

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