Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Here I have done a quick video about affiliate marketing for beginners. Affiliate marketing is simply the business model for referring products and services and receiving commissions based on the sales. For example, I recently bought a great book by Napoleon Hill from Amazon called Outwitting the Devil. You can purchase it here:

If you buy this book from my link here then I will receive a small commission and this is how affiliate marketing works. By creating product reviews and telling people about products and services, anyone can make money by referring customers to those products through their websites, blogs advertising or through any online means via an affiliate link. Adverting and promotion can even be done off-line, providing the customers goes through an affiliate link of some kind. The affiliate link is then tracked from the sale back to the affiliate (you) and then you are awarded a commission based on your sales.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model because you can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you have no boss and can choose your own hours. The business model offers an unlimited potential to make sales hands off, once you have done the hard work before hand! Creating content and marketing which can be scaled up massively is the most exciting aspect of affiliate marketing in my view. Once you have found a product that sells and a means to offer this to people worldwide, you can simply cut and paste this marketing method to find thousands of potential customers. And, once you have successfully mastered this skill for one product you can do it for thousands of other products.

Traffic is king when it comes to affiliate marketing and if you can master this one aspect of the business, you have it made! Without traffic to your blog or website, you simply won’t make any sales. You can bring visitors to your site either through paid advertising or by creating content and targeting search traffic through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and YouTube to name a few of the most popular tools. Social media marketing is also a huge traffic generating tool which can be used to bring people to your site / blog or affiliate link.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to run your own personal affiliate business. Clickbank(.com) is one of the most popular websites to offer affiliate products and you can find a product in almost every niche of the market. You can start your affiliate marketing business with just a free blog and by creating content. The more people you can find, the greater your chances of selling a product which relates to your blog topic. Once you have found a product from clickbank (and there are thousands to choose from) you can simply join the affiliate program and post banners and adverts on your website or blog for the product which you have chosen. When someone clicks through and buys a product, you make a commission.

To learn  more about how to become an affiliate marketer check out this free video series.


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