Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods

There are many affiliate marketing advertising methods and your budget will decide which one is most suitable for you. To get instant traffic (i.e. visitors) to your product’s landing page you should use paid advertising. If risking money on advertising products you don’t know will sell is not your bag, you could go the longer route of blogging and creating content to share on a website and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods – Landing Page

What is a landing page? A landing page is a simple page which usually has some information and an email opt-in on it. It gives the visitor only two choices – sign up for more information or leave the page. This is a much better way to advertise an affiliate product (with paid advertising) than simply sending your visitor to a website. A website has many more choices for the customer to make. There are pages, links, banners and archive articles to choose from. A landing page keeps things simple and if your visitor subscribes you can connect with them again and again to offer value and promote your affiliate product.

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Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods – Paid vs Free 

Should I use paid or free methods of advertising my affiliate products? Paid advertising will work faster and gives you the option of scaling up once you have discovered a profitable advertising model which works. Start with a small daily budget of say £5. Send visitors to a landing page of your chosen affiliate product. Follow up with an email series which offers value and presents your product to your visitor. The problem is it costs money to test your advertising. Some campaigns simply won’t work and until you have created a campaign and found an audience which converts well, you will be spending money on testing adverts and audiences.

Free marketing methods such as video creation and article marketing can go viral and bring a tonne of traffic to your website and/or landing page. Most of the time however, this won’t happen and it can take a long time and a lot of hard work before you see and tangible results using only this method. The trouble with free advertising is that sometimes it won’t work – your articles or video won’t get found and you get no traffic. At least you haven’t spent any money right? But you have wasted your time which could have been better spent on testing paid advertising! Free advertising also cannot be ‘scaled’ up. With paid advertising once you have a successful advert in place you can increase your budget and scale up – reaching more people who are likely to buy.

Ideally you should do both forms of advertising both free and paid. With your paid advertising start with a low budget until you start to see some sales. If no sales occur in your first 100 hits then it’s time for a new advert/campaign and/or target audience.


Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods – Free

Here are a few of the free methods of advertising your affiliate products. Also check out this article here on free online advertising vs paid online advertising. 

  • Article writing – both on your website and with article sites like
  • Video creation – posting your valuable video content on YouTube
  • Adverts on free sites – you can use sites like ebay, gumtree, freeads and craigslist for free adverts. See top ways to generate website traffic for free.
  • Posting your affiliate links on your various profile pages – Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Linkedin, etc.
  • Posting affiliate links on your Facebook feed
  • Create a business page to advertise your affiliate links on Facebook.
  • Blog commenting and video commenting – by interacting with communities in your business niche you can create interest and generate traffic back to your blog through a link in your profile page.
  • Get people to subscribe to your channel on YouTube – by creating good quality and useful videos you can start a following and build your fan base. Once people see you are not a ‘fly by night’ internet cowboy they may start to trust you as an authority and are more likely to buy through your affiliate links.
  • Link building – this can be done through blog commenting and offering guest posts to other websites in your niche. Link building can be good for your authority with Google providing the links are from quality sites, but links can also bring people to your website/landing page from the sites themselves.

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Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods – Paid

Paid for advertising can be done in several ways.

  • Facebook advertising – Facebook is very good for targeting a specific market because of the information available on its members to advertisers. You can target according to age, sex, geographical area, all manner of interests and connections. If you know your target market well, which you should if you are going to use this form of advertising, you can target them very specifically and get great results.
  • Adwords – Google’s Adwords program allows you to advertise directly to individual searches made on the search engine and other people’s websites. You can target specific keywords which relate to your business/ affiliate program. When someone types this term into Google you advert comes up. You pay for each individual click so it is possible to tailor your adverts to encourage only buyers to your site/ landing page.
  • Link building – Although paid-for link building is deemed unnatural in Google’s eyes and therefore doesn’t always help with the optimization of your site, it can help in other ways. Links from good quality sites will bring traffic to you. You can use sites like to get someone to build link for you.
  • Article marketing – you can also pay people to write quality articles on your behalf and submit them to either your own website or to guest blogs or article directories linking back to your website. This can help raise your profile and optimize you for the search engines (if the links are from quality blogs). It also brings traffic directly from the link providing your content is providing value and listed somewhere relating to your blogs niche.
  • Solo ads – You can pay affiliates who already have a huge list of subscribers to send your link to their list. You are basically buying traffic in another way than creating an advert on Facebook or Google. If you get the right audience this can be a good cheap way of getting more people through to your affiliate products.
  • Twitter adverts – You can also advertise on Twitter and target people by what they are searching for.
  • Social Media – Have a look at your other social media accounts for advertising opportunities.
  • Ebay – create an advert for your products and list on ebay, or any other online advertising platform. Ebay is also listed in the free section.. (See how to get free targeted traffic from ebay)

If you don’t already have affiliate products, landing pages and a website all set up ready to sell your affiliate products; you can join a community which offers all this and a bunch of on-going training, tools and software which makes affiliate marketing much easier for you plus you will get access to your own personal mentor. If you take your affiliate business seriously you need to get the proper education. Start here.

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